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Mineral supplements play a crucial role in our metabolic processes. They are central in helping the body produce energy, grow, and reproduce, and maintain the health of our cells. Because they often work synergistically with other minerals and vitamins, a deficiency in even one mineral can lead to serious health problems. To make sure this doesn’t occur, a high-quality liquid multivitamin like Gevitta Vitamin Spray Multi covers all the necessary bases.


Inventor John Cameron, scientist Seamus Blackley, entrepreneur Paul Rock, and intellectual property pioneer Dean Becker have come together to create a company unlike anything else in the vaping industry. Their mission is to transform the marketplace by creating a community based on tech, coffee, health, and all things vape. Vaping is the future and Vaporcade is the connecting hub to help you strive toward that future with great products, a premier experience, and a unified community. Whether you’re a casual e-cigarette consumer or a dedicated modder, with Vaporcade you are moving toward a healthier, guilt-free life.

CLE Cosmetics

CLE is an innovative makeup and skincare line aimed at helping women highlight their natural beauty while not compromising the quality of their skin. We believe that healthy skin is the foundation of every beauty routine, which is why we use natural ingredients that will make you feel good inside and out.


Hoodlamb have pioneered the hemp apparel industry with our attentive care to balancing great looking style and function. Clothes from durable outerwear to soft knits, are made from hemp and high quality organic and recycled materials. They are designed to look great, last long, and exist in harmony with nature.


Solar D's unique formula permits the passage of some of the sunlight your skin uses naturally to make Vitamin D. Solar D is a true breakthrough in skincare which took our clever scientists years to develop. In fact, Solar D’s vitamin D promoting technology is so unique and revolutionary we are the only sunscreens to ever be granted patents for this technology – a world first!.

Fortun Foods

Fortun Foods is a proven trend-setter in the food business. Known for developing Stockpot Soups, he consulted with top chefs to come up with innovative sauces and soups that started the trend of fresh first. His newest creation, Fortun’s Finishing Touch Sauces and Ultimate Gourmet Soups, has created buzz in both retail and food service, continuing to position him as a top leader in the industry. Fortun has the golden touch once again. His company has the experience, knowledge and fortitude to change the way you look at sauces and soups.

Beauty Minerals

Beauty-Mineral Dead sea provides  the benefits of the ancient beauty secrets of the Dead Sea. By using extensive expertise in the development, production and export of an extensive range of cosmetic lines containing the valuable attributes of Dead Sea minerals combined with innovative anti-aging ingredients, oils and various natural elements.


PARTÈ Luxury grooming essentials was designed in Los Angeles with influences from Paris.   PARTÈ is a new approach to luxury men's grooming.

Greenerways Organics

Greener Days mission is to provide affordable organic products with the belief that everyone deserves the ability to enjoy the benefits of an organic lifestyle.

Other Products

KW ABSC is also a distributor of household brand names and we help brands further expand their reach in the United States and Asia Markets.

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