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Business & Product Development
  • Sales Channel Strategies Development

  • Sales Strategy Consulting

  • Sales Process Implementation & Training

  • Business Plan Development

  • Product Launch Strategies & Implementation

  • Product & Packaging Development

  • Product, Brand & Design Consultation

  • Retail Channel Development

  • OEM/ODM Channel Development

  • Reseller / Distribution Channel Development

Tradeshow Support
  • Tradeshow selection and planning

  • Tradeshow registration

  • Booth selection

  • Booth design and setup

  • Logistics and travel arrangements

  • Marketing collaterals and gifts

  • VIP suites and limo arrangements

  • Booth hosts and catering

Marketing Consultation
  • Market survey

  • Product evaluation

  • Product positioning

  • Brand strategy

  • PR strategy

  • Channel strategy

  • Pricing analysis

  • Competitive analysis

  • Product localization

  • Advertisement campaigns

  • Web and social media production

Sales Administration & Operations

Account Promotional Planning

Account Sell-In/Sell-Through Analysis

Order Tracking EDI

Accounting and Control Assistance

Daily Buyer Access

Top-to-Top Senior Management Exposure

Comprehensive Forecasting

Detailed e-Retail Product Pages

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