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KW ABSC brings out the best in your products. We innovate the product, We innovate the supply chain. We just Innovate. We add value to our customers by bringing an all-in-one solution that bridges development, manufacturing, sourcing, managing, and logistics to bring the highest quality with competitive pricing.


We are there with you every step of the way from conceptualization and into the consumer’s hand. We take an hands-on approach from beginning to end. We feel pride from the products we bring to the market. We want to be a part of the product from infancy and throughout the entire process. We leverage our market knowledge, technology, and supply chain infrastructure to respond to evolving consumer and production trends.


KW ABSC creates an array of consumer goods across a wide range of categories. These include everything from consumer electronics, health and beauty products, to home improvement products and many more.


We help our clients set their strategic direction, develop their marketing and sales capabilities, and connect their organization to realize the full potential of today's opportunities.


We have a new solution provides manufacturers and product suppliers with access to advanced payments options that will free up working capital by accelerating cash flow from customers.


Supply Chain Management is the driving factor in today’s business world. We offer a complete line of forward logistics services. KW will be your only stop for your supply chain solution. While our each service will support your business greatly, our services together will generate synergy in a way that your company has never thought possible.

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